Our Experience

Working with Campos Construction Co. Inc is a decision that our family will forever regret.  It has been a surreal experience and a complete nightmare.

We hired Campos Construction Co. Inc to do the renovation work of our recently purchased house in Coconut Grove, FL. Work schedule was agreed at 18 weeks, however, after 55 weeks we had to fire them and filed a lawsuit on 3 counts:

  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Unjust Enrichment, and
  3. Violation of Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act

Our experience with Campos Construction Co. Inc has been a disastrous one to say the least.  Campos Construction Co. Inc not only failed to complete the contracted work but most of the work performed did not meet the minimum required professional workmanlike standards, not to mention the lack of general care excercised on the house and it's newly installed components, as well as, the existing ones causing damage that in some cases was beyond repair. They took advantage of our absent owners' situation providing no supervision to his subcontractors; stopping work once we left town and bullying us with inappropriate payments requests.

Cris Campos (President of Campos Construction Co. Inc) was repeatedly disrespectful and rude to us and generally acted in an offensive and unprofessional fashion, lacking honesty, integrity or manners.

The work performed by Campos Construction Co. Inc on our Coconut Grove, FL house, and the way they attempted to deliver it as a complete job subject only to a so called "punch list", has been documented with over 3,000 pictures. This photographic dossier has been submitted during the discovery process of the legal proceedings.  We invite you to browse trough a sample of 380 of these pictures in the Photo Gallery section of this web page.

A picture is worth a thousand words ...

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... how long would a "punch list" need to be?

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