A Basket Case

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​(1)  Paint presented run off and dirt embedded in it. Drips of paint were found throughout several areas of the house. This required extensive sanding and repaint to cure the issue.  In addition, the interior was not painted with the color owners chose and requested.

(2)  Poor installation of the hardwood floors.  Improperly selected wood pieces attracted attention to imperfections in stair bullnoses and other sections with no attention to its aesthetics.

(3)  Significant gaps in the baseboards and the flooring; in some instances the gap was too big to be cured by just caulking. Bondo applications had to be done, this is a result of a poorly leveled hardwood floor.

(4)  Crown molding throughout the house was improperly installed and not matched correctly. There were significant gaps in the pieces of crown molding making it evident were the joints were.

(5)  Doors were overly cut leaving a noticeable gap between the doors and the floor. In many instances more than 1” of gap, typically a 1/4” will suffice, on the generous side. High-end contractors work with tolerances of 1/8”.

(6)  Frames around the installed exterior impact glass aluminum windows were poorly installed, the screws that hold the frames to the windows were not matched, improvised and overtightened screws resulted in bulging aluminum frames. New break metal covers had to be placed on top of the installed frames to cure this issue.

(7)  Some electrical circuits were overloaded. Plugging even a small appliance in the living room made the breakers pop.

(8)  There were noticeable open gaps between the drywall and the edges of the wall switch and outlet trims. These openings were the result of poorly coordinated holes in the drywall to cover the electrical wall switches and outlets that were never filled back.

(9)  Kitchen cooktop was left without the neutral wire, thus required new wiring to be installed. The issue is that in order to feed the cooktop from the panel several holes had to be made on walls and ceiling to pull the wire. Resulting in extensive patching and repaint.

(10)  Doors were not smoothly finished. Seems that the rough doors that came from the mill were not sanded or prepared for paint resulting in a coarse and poor finished.

(11)  Gaps were noticeable on the door latches and hinges with a very rough look to the finish of the doors.

(12)  The latching mechanism on the door leading from the living room to the patio would not close. In general, the door levers were loose of not parallel to the floor resulting in a dripping look.  Door locks were poorly installed causing doors not to properly closed and/or lock.

(13)  There were multiple stains and a noticeable general lack of care throughout the property. Hardwood floors had spot discolorations that were evidently the result of cleaning paint stains with an abrasive agent causing damage beyond repair.

(14)  Some tiles in the bathroom floors and walls were cracked, stained and/or improperly installed in many cases beyond repair.

(15)  There is a water filtration on the breakfast room window next to the service entry that continues to leak damaging the window sill. This is unacceptable considering that this space bring an addition is new construction.

(16)  The bathrooms’ shower valves were improperly installed to the extent it became a safety hazard, as water flowed out at extremely hot temperatures with no cold water flow. In addition the improper installation of the shower valve in one of the bathrooms caused a severe leak within days of its use.

(17)  The brick pavers installed in the patio were not aligned. The misalignment was so severe that it resulted in 8” of deviation in a 30’-0” run.  In general, a noticeable disregard to its aesthetics.

(18)  The exterior stucco patching and repair was improperly and poorly done, not providing a uniform surface that provided consistency with the rest of the walls.

(19)  The new roof molding at the entrance of the house was completed poorly and rudimentary, with no attention to its aesthetics.

(20)  Wiring at the family room for cable TV and surround speakers system was not done at all.  This work was included in the previous contractor’s scope.

Campos Construction Co. Inc argues that these issues were to be part of a "punch list" of items to be fixed prior to final delivery of work.   How big of a "punch list" would be required to cover these issues?

These issues have been extensively documented by a collection of over 3,000 pictures.  This photographic dossier has been submitted during the discovery process of the legal proceedings.  We invite you to review a sample of 380 of these pictures in the the Photo Gallery section.

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